Delicious Indian street foods you must try this winter season…

Street food is a crucial component of discovering a new place and its rich culture, but in India, it is much more than that. Indian street cuisine is ingrained in this tradition. Locals will tell you that the street cuisine in their town is superior to any other you could try in India since each area, state, and even city has its own specialities that are cherished by the populace. With winter, as everything has come alive, there’s no better time than now to gorge on these popular winter street foods.(pinterest)

Kulhad Ka Doodh and Jalebi: While we don’t really think twice about devouring these twisted delicacies in the summer, it tastes especially good to eat them hot in the winter. They go perfectly with warm kulhad ka doodh that has been saffron-infused. They are deep-fried and drenched in sugar syrup. Dunk a couple of jalebis in it and you have one of the best winter street food experiences. (pinterest )

Shakarkandi ki chaat: One of the tastiest and most adored winter street delicacies is steaming sweet potatoes that are grilled on a wood fire and then served with a dusting of spices and lemon juice. This chaat is available from stands and vendors in every neighbourhood.(pinterest)

Chikki and Gajak : Even while packaged Chikki (peanut and jaggery brittles) and Gajak (jaggery and sesame brittles) are now available, the allure of obtaining some fresh, pure jaggery-made Gajak or Chikki from a thela (cart) remains strong. Standing with his thela, the vendor offers mungfali (peanuts), gajak, and chikki as options.(pinterest)

Gajar ka Halwa: Gajar ka halwa is the queen of winter sweets that certainly needs no introduction. Every north Indian watches for November when this dish of ghee and sugar-coated carrots is served. Nothing could be more enjoyable than devouring a bowl of warm pistachio-topped halwa.(Dhruv Sethi/HT)

Garadu chaat/yam fritters: Garadu, chaat is one of the most beloved winter street food which is usually available from October to March. It resembles Shakarkandi in appearance, but it is an entirely distinct tuber. The ends of this tuber are cut off, and the centre portion is peeled, diced, and cooked. A fiery and acidic Jeeralu Masala prepared with cumin, hing, ginger, and other ingredients is added to the chopped, boiling Garadu.(pinterest)

Siddu: This dish is mostly eaten during the winter with ghee to maintain body temperature and boost energy. It is a local favourite in Himachal Pradesh. The ideal winter snack is this bread made with wheat flour (and winters in Himachal get pretty cold). Siddu is frequently served as a side dish, although residents also like it as a snack. It is frequently served with ghee, green chutney, or meat curry. This tasty and healthy snack is a must-try. (Instagram/@harshitjain_7)

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Devraj Reddy

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