‘Amritpal Singh could be danger if…’, say Punjab Police sources: Report…!

Amritpal Singh has declined to disclose the source of his funding and indicated that he will “not cross the line of criminality if let off”. Amritpal Singh, a pro-Khalistan leader who is currently in Assam’s Dibrugarh central jail, has declined to disclose the source of his funding and indicated that he will “not cross the line of criminality if let off”, News18 reported citing Punjab Police sources, who claimed that he could be a potential threat to peace and security.

The ‘Waris Punjab De’ chief and nine other activists of the outfit were brought to the Assam jail, after they were arrested from Punjab, following a crackdown on them. Amritpal and his associates have been booked under several criminal cases related to spreading disharmony among classes, attempt to murder, attack on police personnel and creating obstructions in the lawful discharge of duty by public servants.

In the News18 ‘exclusive’ report, Amritpal also purportedly told the police he could help fight the drug problem in Punjab.

“If he starts a peaceful movement and gathers support, it could be dangerous. We need to stop that from happening,” an official told the website adding that it needs to be ensured that he isn’t free to build support again.

“He wants to do this fight for long… lambi race ka ghoda… This is dangerous… He said he will fight against drugs and conversion by Christian missionaries and will ensure no criminality,” the official added.

The radical preacher has said he is in “chardi kala” (high spirits) in prison, according to his lawyer Bhagwant Singh Siyalka.

Siyalka accompanied family members of arrested ‘Waris Punjab De’ activists who recently visited Dibrugarh and met them at the jail.

The radical preacher handed over a letter written in Gurmukhi to Siyalka inside the prison, in which he said: “With the blessing of the Almighty, I am in ‘chardi kala’ here.”

Referring to the cases registered against members of his outfit, Amritpal accused the Punjab government of unleashing excesses and registering “several fake cases” against Sikhs.

“This whole matter is of ‘Khalsa Panth’ and I appeal to the ‘Panth’ that a panel of capable advocates be set up, which will pursue all these cases,” he said in the letter.

Siyalka, who is also an executive member of the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC), told reporters in Dibrugarh that a special panel of lawyers will be formed, and its members will be solely responsible for conducting their judicial process.

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