Former MasterChef Australia judge Gary Mehigan loves the smell of this chutney. Watch…!

The video involving former MasterChef Australia judge Gary Mehigan and chutney was posted on Instagram.

Chutneys have a very special place in Indian cuisine. From seasonal chutneys to the ones regularly used with different street foods, they are made of different ingredients and are definitely mouth-watering. Are you someone who loves eating chutneys? Then you may relate to this post by former MasterChef Australia judge Gary Mehigan. Turns out this celebrity chef also shares the love for the green one made using coriander.

He shared an Instagram post a few days ago along with a video of a wet grinder. It is while talking about the grinder he shared how he loves the smell of coriander chutney. “Love these wet grinders for spice pastes, chutneys, dosa batter etc….will get around to buy a small version one day… The smell from this coriander chutney was gorgeous,” he wrote while posting the video.

The video opens to show fresh coriander being grinded in a grinder. There is a chance that the video will make any chutney lover craving for some green chutney.

Take a look at the video:


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The video was shared four days ago. Since being posted, the clip has accumulated close to 1.6 lakh views and the numbers are only increasing. Additionally, the post has received more than 7,700 likes. People posted various comments while reacting to the video.

“I need this kind of grinders to make mint and coriander chutney. Otherwise, making chutney is a total mess,” wrote an Instagram user. “Are you sure you are not Indian?” joked another. “Pesto for Indians,” joined in another. “Satisfying video,” expressed a fourth. What are your thoughts on the video?


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