Year-ender 2022: Brain Yoga to Aqua Yoga; hottest Yoga trends of 2022…

Year-ender 2022: With changing lifestyles and urge to experiment, dozens of yoga forms have developed over the years. Here are Yoga trends that made news in 2022.

Year-ender 2022: Yoga, the ancient practice that connects mind, body and soul, has never been more relevant in the post pandemic world where people are working hard to restore their physical and mental health and leave behind the ill-effects of the pandemic. Covid has affected our heart, brain, lungs in a variety of ways and the impact of the deadly disease has been known to continue for several months post the infection. Yoga is an effective practice to improve post Covid cardiac issues, brain issues and respiratory troubles. The mind and body practice offers more benefits than the practitioner aspires for as the series of postures, breathing exercises and meditation work at a deeper level and treats the health issue from its root.

With changing lifestyles and urge to experiment, dozens of yoga forms have developed over the years. Power yoga, Vikram yoga, hot yoga and Iyengar yoga are some them which have been popular among the health buffs. The innovation has, however, continued to suit the needs of different groups and yoga is increasingly turning more contemporaneous even as their proponents claim that the core of the ancient practice remains the same. The year 2022 saw yet another set of yoga styles getting popular. And why not? Health has been under spotlight on the post pandemic world.

Yoga in post pandemic world
“We are nearing the end of 2022 and coming out of a global pandemic crisis. Currently, wellness practises like yoga are becoming more popular around the globe. People now place a high premium on their health because they understand how important and necessary it is. The coronavirus has demonstrated the value of having strong mental health as well as physical health. Yoga is an age-old, scientific discipline that addresses all aspects of your holistic wellness, including your physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual well-being,” says Himalayan Siddhaa Akshar, Founder of Akshar Yoga Institutions, Himalaya Yoga Ashrama, World Yoga Organisation in an interview with HT Digital.

Yoga as therapy
“In addition to having a severe physical impact, the pandemic also had a profound psychological impact. Suicidal tendencies can result from extreme cases of mental diseases such severe depression, anxiety, and stress. Yoga can be helpful as a therapeutic option when people start to lose their health, whether it be physical health or experience mental issues. Here are some of the trends that the world saw when it came to the practice of yoga,” adds the renowned Yoga Guru.

You can add brightness to your skin by combining the following yoga asanas and mudras, such as the Prana mudra, Hakini mudra, and Makara mudra. These asanas assist to relieve tension, clean the eyes, nose, and other sensory organs, and open the sinuses’ pores. Yoga asanas like Shirshasana, Karnapeedasana, Bal Bakasana, and Bakasana, in addition to these poses, can also make your skin glow. These postures are under the category of inversions, which aid in detoxification and the cleansing of the pores by reversing blood flow in the body.

2. Brain Yoga for kids

Yoga for kids(Pexels)

The corpus callosum connects the two separate cerebral hemispheres of the human brain, giving rise to the distinction between right and left brain activities. Although the sides are similar to one another, they serve very diverse purposes. In essence, brain yoga is a form of acupressure and breathing that balances the brain’s two hemispheres and raises energy levels in the head.

3. Mindfulness Yoga

Mindfulness Yoga

The ultimate goal of life is to achieve inner tranquilly. Make sure you are conscious of how you use this time while searching for the most expensive prize, inner serenity. There are several ways to achieve this, including through yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and other related disciplines.

4. Kundalini Yoga
The practise of kundalini yoga is a storehouse of energy. This is coiled up inside of us like a serpent. We won’t be able to feel the strength of the kundalini until this serpent totally uncoils itself. The goal of yoga and other yogic practises is to awaken this dormant potential inside of us. This sleeping power is triggered, stimulated, and revived by Kundalini yoga, and it can then be employed for our own progress.

5. Aqua Yoga

Aqua Yoga
Aqua yoga is a relatively new style of yoga that calls for asana practise in water. But like any other aqua workout, the postures are frequently adjusted to fit the limitations of the medium. For instance, the standing positions are not significantly changed, but the seated, prone, and supine poses cannot be performed as they are due to the water level in the pool.

6. Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga
Many of the advantages and pleasures of traditional yoga are also present in aerial yoga, in addition to some new ones. You move between several standard yoga postures and aerial variations of those poses during the yoga session while supported by the hammock. Simple stretches while seated on the hammock are some of the most fundamental postures, while others advance to hanging upside down while gripping your thighs, ankles, or feet for stability.

7. Wheel Yoga
The Yoga Wheel helps you increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your practise, just like all other props do. Regular use makes the body more flexible and supple, encouraging you to pursue an active lifestyle. You gradually get to comprehend how to use your muscles as you start to explore your body and breath via movement practise. This translates into a secure exercise programme where you discover how to safeguard your joints.

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