Physics Wallah: Was Shriidhar Dubey cast because of a tight budget…?

The actor plays the title role in the biographical series on Alakh Pandey

Actor Shriidhar Dubey, who plays entrepreneur Alakh Pandey in Physics Wallah, reveals about his initial thoughts on playing the protagonist in the biographical web series.

The story of Physics Wallah is the journey of a young and bright teacher who intends to create an affordable and effective education system that can be availed by every student. However, in the process of achieving his goal, he deals with a lot of obstacles, which are only financial in nature, but otherwise as well.

The series is created by About Films, and produced and directed by Abhishek Dhandharia.

Asked about his first response to the offer to star in such a big show, Shriidhar said, “Honestly, when Abhishek (the director) thought of me as the lead, I thought that it would be a small-budget project, and they might not have the money for big actors, which is why he approached me. That was the very first thought I had.”

Later, Shriidhar got to know that it is a biographical series and that’s when the actor thought that he was offered the role because his look matches that of Alakh Pandey.

However, since makers prefer roping in big stars for biographical projects, as star power works to bring more audience to watch a show, Shriidhar thought that the makers might be newcomers who were looking to work with a less popular actor with whom they can feel comfortable.

Shriidhar shared, “I thought that perhaps they’re new and this might be their first project, which is why they were looking for someone who they can work comfortably with. I assumed this from the way Abhishek spoke.”

The actor also had moments when he wondered if he would be able to do justice to the script and the opportunity. “I would like to think I have a strong hand when it comes to scripting. So, I asked Abhishek if he could give me the script. After reading just two scenes, I said, ‘Yes, I am doing it’,” recalled Shriidhar.

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