Akhilendra Mishra: Can’t abuse on screen, so I chose to not do OTT shows…!

Actor Akhilendra Mishra has by choice restricted himself from taking a plunge in the OTT space

Actor Akhilendra Mishra has by choice restricted himself from taking a plunge in the OTT space. The Chandrakanta and Gangajal actor says he is not okay with the language and obscenity used in most of the series in the name of entertainment.

“I am yet to make my debut on the web as I can’t abuse on screen and be a part of content that is obscene. One can easily count my films…they are on fingertips whereas my counterparts have done 100s of projects. I have been very choosy. See, we work to earn and get popularity but as an actor I also have my responsibility towards the society as visual media leaves a huge impact,” says the actor.

Akhilendra Mishra on his visit to Lucknow. (Instagram)

However, is he positive with the changes that are slowly happening? “I am happy that some good family-oriented shows are being made. Also, probably makers have realised the value of family content as there has been an overdose of violence, abuse and obscene content.”

Mishra has recently wrapped up the shooting of Neelesh Jain’s directorial debut film tentatively titled PMT that was shot entirely in Barabanki, near Lucknow.

His last film released was Jhalki (2019) and of late his short film Barat was released.

“After the tough pandemic phase I have done a couple of projects. I completed Shankar’s Indian 2 with Kamal Haasan, Sushanto Roy’s Trojan, Abhay Pratap Singh’s Dedh Lakh Ka Dulha, Prateek Sharma’s Lotus Bloom in Maithili language and my second Marathi film Surya,” he says.

The actor has completed three decades in the industry and content with the quality of work he has done.

“Chandrakanta (1994) is like an Academy Award for me. I can win any award but the audience till date addresses me with Kroor Singh and my tagline Yakku. I feel blessed that I brought alive a fictional character and audiences across generations still remember me. I have played iconic roles like Ravan (Ramayan), Chandrashekar Azad (The Legend of Bhagat Singh), Mirchi Seth (Sarfarosh), Amar Chowdhary (Ready) and Arjan Lohar (Lagaan) but the love I got for my TV show is phenomenal,” he says while signing off.

Vikas Kumar Mishra
Vikas Kumar Mishra

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