Arjun Kapoor breaks silence on Malaika Arora’s pregnancy rumours: ‘Why put out what is not the truth..?

Arjun Kapoor had quashed rumours of Malaika Arora being pregnant with their child, last year. Now, he has spoken about why ‘clickbait culture’ needs to stop

In November last year, actor Arjun Kapoor had called out a publication and journalist for spreading ‘gossip articles’ that claimed Malaika Arora and him are welcoming a child soon. The actor had taken to Instagram Stories and condemned the ‘fake’ news. During a recent interview, Arjun was asked about the nasty media reports that keep cropping up about the couple. The actor said today’s clickbait was to blame, as well as the media for propagating it.

Sharing a screenshot of the 2022 news article, Arjun had written, “This is the lowest that you could have gone and you have done it by being casual, insensitive and absolutely unethical in carrying garbage news. This journalist has been writing such pieces regularly and getting away with it because we tend to ignore these fake gossip articles while they spread across media and become the truth. This is not done. Don’t dare to play with our personal lives.”

‘People forget celebs are also human beings’
“Clickbait culture is more about negativity… I think negativity is easier to get people to pay attention because that’s been building for a while. Listen, we are actors, our personal life is not always very private. There is a certain amount that exists and you have to be okay with it already joining the profession. There might be that element that remains, but I think we rely on you all (journalists) to reach the audience. We need you all to be at least cognizant of the fact that we are human beings. So, check with us once in a while if you’re going to write something that is very, very important. At least do that much and I think that was all that I did. It was more about that it should be checked; it should not be assumed. You should not put something that can be life-altering out there,” Arjun told Bollywood Bubble.

On his post slamming reports of Malaika being pregnant
Speaking about his recent post, Arjun further said, “I did that because I trust all of you (journalists). I have never hidden, I have never held back… why do you want to put something out there that will forever remain, and that is not the truth and then I have to keep justifying myself… information for any journalist should be verified, it should not just be put our casually, especially when it comes to your personal life… we are all here to do our job, don’t make it about having fun at other people’s expense. Don’t try and make it personal, don’t become vindictive, and don’t become what you are trying to sell… don’t start believing your lies.”

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