‘Artless concrete eyesores’: Jet airways’ CEO criticises design of Indian metro stations, faces flak

Jet airways’ Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sanjiv Kapoor faced backlash from a section of Twitter for labelling Indian metros ‘artless concrete eyesores,’ when he made a comparison of a Bengaluru metro station with one in Dubai. Kapoor shared a few images while criticising the poor quality of the design of several metro stations, including those in Gurugram and Bengaluru.

This appeared to anger twitterati who then barraged his tweet comments with images of ‘aesthetic’ metro stations from all over the nation, reported the Hindustan Times.

“Bangalore, Gurgaon, Kolkata… why are our overground/overhead metro stations such artless concrete eyesores? Take a look at Dubai (right) compared to Bangalore (left). And this Dubai station was probably built 10 years ago!” tweeted Kapoor.

As popular as the tweet became, some people lashed out at Kapoor for his “inability to appreciate the country’s infrastructure developments,” while others agreed with him to some extent and said that metros in this country lacked an “eco-friendly” and “inclusivity” approach.

One user simply posted pictures of various Delhi metro stations with beautiful artwork and the statement “Delhi metro for you!”

“Rightly pointed out. Our public infrastructure is not eco-friendly, not cost-friendly or beautiful, and many are not accessible as well. Not just metro stations or other public infrastructure as well. Nowadays private construction also totally messed up Aesthetics given least importance,” a user tweeted.

One more argued that public transportation didn’t have to be ‘beautiful’. Further extending the discussion, a user brought up the old Indian architecture.

As comments started coming in, Kapoor turned on the “account protection” feature, which lets users make their public accounts private.


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